Learn to Ride a Horse and More!
Horseback riding lessons with Eva Mertena

Whether you’re new to the world of horses or have been riding for years, the training you receive from Eva will help you enjoy horseback riding and become a confident, independent rider. 

Because Eva recognizes that there are many different ways to experience and enjoy horses, she offers multi-discipline training for horses and riders. Eva’s goal is to provide positive horse experiences for every horse enthusiast!
  • Western riding lessons
  • English riding lessons
  • Lesson horses
  • Covered facility
Learn more about horseback riding lessons with Eva.

Eva has over 35 years of horse experience. If it has to do with horseback riding, horse training, or even choosing the right horse, Eva can help:
  • Training for shows
  • Marketing your horse
  • Assessing a horse (for sale, purchase, or training)
  • Starting your horse
  • Schooling your horse
  • Instruction for horse and rider – helping you work as a team
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Providing Positive Horse Experiences for Everyone!

Horseback Riding Lessons 
with Eva Mertena
Yakima, Washington
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(509) 941-7924

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